Frequently Asked Questions


How do you go about selecting your models?

We have two basic criteria when choosing our models. One, you must be over 21 years of age. And two, you must be able to strike and hold interesting poses for artists to draw from. 

We have no preference when it comes male/female gender, ethnicity, age, or body type. All are welcome to apply.

We generally select models through online resources like, Instagram, or from a model’s professional website.

If you are interested in modeling for the Croquis Cafe please go to Become A Model and fill out our form.

MEMBERSHIP (back to top)

What types of memberships do you have?

We have just two membership categories: (1) artists and (2) teachers.

Do you have monthly memberships?

No, all memberships are annual.

Do you offer student memberships?

We don’t offer student membership, just artist and teacher memberships. 

Do memberships auto-renew?

Memberships do not automatically renew, unless requested. You can auto-renew by logging into your account, and checking the box for “auto-renew.”

ARTIST USAGE (back to top)

Am I allowed to use Croquis Cafe models in artwork that I sell?

Yes. Artists are permitted to sell artwork based in whole or in part on our photos and videos. We ask for no credit or compensation. 

Who can purchase an Artist Membership?

Artists include: fine artists, illustrators, animators, cartoonists, comic book artists, game designers, graphic novelists, etc. 

Can students use your materials for homework or classwork?

No. Students may not use or bring our materials for class studies unless their teacher has a Teacher Membership. 

TEACHER USAGE (back to top)

Can I purchase a Teacher Membership for just one semester?

Our basic minimum Teacher Membership is for (1) calendar year. You can specify the exact start and end dates. 

Can I incorporate your photos and videos in new resources?

Yes, under our Usage Agreement, teachers have permission to incorporate our materials into new content (such as instructional videos, or handouts) and distribute that content to their current students. However at the end of your current membership teachers must either renew, or remove all Croquis Cafe content from all computers, servers, or other devises.

Are teachers allowed to share content on social media. 

No, you are not permitted to share content through social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other media platforms. However, you are permitted to share photos and videos through a school intranet and servers.

Can I download photos, and distribute them to my students?

Yes, as long as you have a current paid Teacher Usage Agreement.

Is it alright to recommend your resources to students without a valid Teacher Membership?

No, you cannot recommend or list our materials in a syllabus or verbally as part of your curriculum without a paid Teacher Usage Agreement.